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Yup, we arrived - Finally

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Okay let’s get right into it. The idea of starting a blog has been a recurring thought in my mind for close to a decade now (God I feel old!) but I’ve always stepped back into position midway through the leap – it’s funny if you imagine the actual body motion, I’m pretty sure any person behind me would have taken a hop, skip or jump. To be more specific I was not very confident to put my thoughts across and giving a global community a gavel is quite scary (still got some jitters, but ready for the challenge) . Anyways I wanted my first post to outline what I really wish to accomplish with this blog – its primarily to expand on my own creativity and provide value to “you” the reader through the experiences I encounter in my day-to-day life from my point of view (I assure – it can get absurd).

Apart from that I wanted to explore my thoughts extensively (with your assistance of course) and see if we get anywhere. Just to put it across beforehand – “I will not be using AI to write these posts”. I might use it as an editor to check my work for grammar and structure (polishing I guess?) primarily because as much as I aspire to be truly “raw”, I’m still new to all this and I believe it could be good learning for me too. Owing to this all my posts will carry a disclaimer explaining the extent to which AI was involved (if at all) in the creation of the write up and in case the use of it was beyond the two reasons mentioned above those will be expanded on as well.

If youre wondering, the theme of the blog will not be limited to spoken work style posts – I plan to get into poetry, finance (I have taken but a sip from this ever-evolving body of knowledge) and my newfound attempt to get healthy. On poetry – I ended up finding an unexpected flair for it in the lag end of the 7th grade, but I haven’t really written anything concrete in close to five years. On finance – my entire education has primarily been into this field and my work revolves around it too. On health – I have always struggled with my weight as kid and though it was almost in line pre-Covid, the lockdown and other life experiences threw that victory cake out the window (yup I mentioned cake in a statement regarding health). Any suggestions on content are always welcome and honest critique/feedback even more.

Wherever you are I hope this reaches you in good health and that you enjoyed reading this short introduction as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it really means a lot. I would be ecstatic and grateful if you would consider accompanying me in this journey of mine. Have a splendid day or night.

Until next time!

Disclaimer: I had ChatGPT review it and share what it thought. To my surprise it gave a lot of stuff I could consider expanded on that slipped my mind during the initial draft. The changes made thereafter were two places where words were replaced for better understanding and the rest was just me adding more details. There was no change in the structure and flow of the post. I asked it for a rating after the revisions, but it shut me down from answering the question - I guess it didn’t like the gavel.

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